Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WIP (work in progress): Boomer vinyl toy

I am working on a 3D Boomer mascot vinyl toy. Right now I almost have the shape of the head where I want it. I will be modeling the character as if I was building the toy. His body parts will be modeled as if it was a real life toy but with some changes so that I am able to animate him. I'm still pondering if I should texture him when Im done modeling or keeping him white. I'm thinking more towards keeping him white with a little shine. We'll see when Im done.


Richard Gaines said...

Sal, nice work! Your 3-D models are really coming along, particularly Melina! I like your sketches a lot. I'm glad to see you practicing your Disney characters! I think I should do that from time to time.

So you live in Miami? I was wondering if you ever wanted to meet up sometime soon. I know we're busy, so whenever the time is right for you.

Also, thanks for adding me! I'll reciprocate.

Sugar & Spice said...

Great work!! I'm liking it! I don't know the technical terms, but it looks good!