Thursday, June 25, 2009

A legend among legends

A legend that only comes once in a life time. It has always been said that music can bring people from all over the world together, Michael's music has touched many lives all over the world. If you liked him or not you knew who he was and liked him music and still do. He had such a big heart and has always cared more for his fans then his own self. We all have idolized him but he never saw himself as the greatest, he's always reinventing himself to please us his fans. The world has lost a true legend and Icon. A Icon that can't be duplicated. Michael thank you for being you and never changing for anyone. You showed the world how to love and to never hold gruges on those who want to hurt us but show them love rather then anger. R.I.P Michael Jackson, one of your biggest fans Sal.

I have always wanted to paint a Illustration of the man who I have admired my whole life. I've thought about it all the time and have always put it off to the side and said I'll get to it one day. After the shocking news today I think its time to work on it. I'll be putting my other projects to the side for now and work on a painting that would make MJ proud.

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Sugar & Spice said...

We are experiencing a historical moment in our lives. Good luck on your new project! I'm sure it will be a beautiful one!